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Teasers, Trailers, Previews

It’s all the same when referring to a movie preview.  They were called trailers because back in the day the previews played at the end of the feature film.  That’s your bit of trivia I learned while I was a movie projectionist years back.  Anywho, here’s your teaser for the new website.  This is just one of a hundred things I’ve been working on late at night.  I hope to have it launched by July 1st.  I’ve learned I have to set deadlines or it won’t get done.  🙂

Other projects have been slowly coming together like this clean blog and client access area.  I’m also interviewing applicants for a little help around here.  I appreciate everyone’s patience for the lack of updates on the old/current website.  This new one will allow me or anyone else to update it without knowing the languages of Flash and HTML.

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