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Shooting Film

A few days ago, I took the camera you see above and ran a roll of 35mm film through it.  This is a Realist 35 camera that dates back to about 1955.  It has a fixed lens 50mm f/2.8 lens.  For such a compact camera it is pretty heavy, but then again, cameras were built like tanks back then.  It was a little awkward to use for a few reasons.  The winder is on the left instead of the right.  I have big hands.  And it is the most difficult camera I’ve ever had to focus.  There’s also no meter so you have to either use a handheld meter or guess.  I chose the latter for my first roll of film since I was inside a lit arena.  I knew I wasn’t going to be making many changes and as you can see on the lens, there aren’t that many options.  I picked up a roll of 800 ISO and headed to the game.  I was pretty excited to see that my exposure was accurate.  I will be shooting more with this camera to improve my focusing with it.  Here are some of my shots from that roll.

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