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Hello.  My name is Henry McCoy.  That’s me in the iPhone self-portrait to right.  I am a professional photographer, entrepreneur, and amateur woodworker located in Ruston, Louisiana.  I began my study of photography with my dad’s old Pentax MV1 in high school.  From there I studied photography at Louisiana Tech University and I finished my degree at Southeastern Louisiana University.  Over the past few years I mostly focused on wedding and portrait photography, and now I am getting back into art, editorial, and commercial photography.  Because I grew up with and studied with film, my style favors more toward the technical side of photography.  Get it right in camera.  I am not a Photoshop guy.  I don’t like sitting behind a computer so you won’t find heavily manipulated photos here.  I have a straightforward approach with my photography and strive to keep my work true.